What if You Could Find Stepping Stones
to a Miracle Life in a World of Chaos?

7 Things That Happened In My Life that Became My Stepping Stones to a Miracle Life

Barbara NakatomiThese seven things are outcomes of my many experiences, not unlike your own experiences.

  • Perspective
  • Patience
  • Listening skills
  • Kindness
  • Passion
  • Gratitude
  • Intuition


I know that my life was a life of challenges … more than for some, less than for others,  Born to be left-handed, I was ‘encouraged‘ at early stages of life and learning to become right-handed,  I even have memories as a young child 2-4 years old of having things yanked out of my left hand and put in my right hand.  My mother told me I was so clumsy that I was put in a dance class (tap, ballet, acrobatic) to help with the physical clumsiness that was normal for me.

Looking back, it would be like watching a right-handed person doing everything left-handed.  But … who knew!  Asian culture sees right hand dominance as a very good trait.  The other, not so much.  That was my first lifetime challenge.

The second would be the learning disability – dyslexia.  No one in my family or education circle knew dyslexia existed.  My beginnings were rocky – to say the least.  And the next 4 decades produced a myriad of stepping stones on the path I chose.

Why do I call those challenges Stepping Stones to a Miracle Life?

Because, as I age (I’m 70 at the time of this writing), I can see that learning to face those challenges and many others have become the fabric that has allowed me to realize a life of Gratitude, Acceptance for the things I cannot change, Awareness and the gumption to change the things I can, and fill my life with the energy of Kindness, Compassion and Passion for living.

I’m getting to know myself on a Spiritual level, appreciating those people and things that are important to me.  Learning how I can contribute to the wellness of others by sharing what I discover is important to me.

I am learning to look forward to the challenges that will become the Stepping Stones to a Miracle Life  as I live, learn and share in the present moments of my life.

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