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WellnessYou can learn about some of the wellness products we distribute by clicking the appropriate link below:

CBD There have been times when I have needed strong pain medications. I became tired of the terrible side effects to opioids and NSAIDs. I have found CBD to be a very good alternative for my pain management. Learn more about CBD and how it may help you by clicking here.
EHT Is Brain Health Important To You? Since 2015, I have been using a supplement called EHT (Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide). This product, derived from green coffee beans – that does NOT contain caffeine, is for brain health functioning.  Excellent for memory in adults and focus for all ages.
NeoraFIT Because personal weight management and wellness are part of a healthy lifestyle, we want to support your long-term goals. We’ve combined our NeoraFit supplements with an easy-to-follow program that helps you incorporate healthy habits into your busy days – Plus you get a support system that cheers you onward every step of the way! Watch this video to learn more.
Youth Factor It is important to keep our immune system healthy. Sometimes our diet doesn’t give us everything we need to to have a strong immune system so we can recover quickly from virus’ and infections with which we come in contact every day. Click here to learn about one I recommend to give you superfoods that assist your body to maintain a healthy immune system. Youth Factor Powder
Prolistic Keeping your gut microbiome healthy is important. You have many bacteria in your body. In fact, you have more of them than you have cells. Most are good for you. The ones found in your gut not only help you digest foods, they work all over your body and can be good for your physical and mental health. Prolistic
Nerium Skincare Healthy skin is important. As we age, our skin cells break down and cause us to look older. If you are someone who wants to look younger and have healthy skin, Nerium Biosciences has created a nighttime skin cream with their patented NAE-8 compound and is available through Agellum. See the science behind NAE-8


Here’s a toast to your pain-free, happy, healthy life!


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