What If No One Ever Heard Your Song?

Wayne Dyer said, “Don’t die with your song still in you.” What if you could tell your story to the world and people would pay attention?

We have decided that the monthly Newsletter will feature a member story. I have agreed to report this information in the form of an article each month. The contributions can be timely of what’s going on in one’s life now or a memory of an event that touched your life as you were living the motto of “Service With Concern.” It can be serious, funny or just a sign of the times.

I hope you will feel free to contribute for the interest and entertainment of all of us. If you would like to tell a story and remain anonymous, that would be okay too.

The length of the article should be around 500 words. Longer stories will be divided and published in consecutive month(s).

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to me:
Barbara Nakatomi (née Tahara, Skay)
(916) 813-5440

Please tell us the year you started and the year you retired.
List the assignment that corresponds to your story.
Answer 1 or more of the following questions: 1. What are you plans in retirement? 2. What have you been doing in retirement? 3. Memorable experience? While working or in retirement? 4. What do you remember about the “good ol’ days”?